Tuesday, December 22, 2009


 Help me Mama dearest,
Help me Mama mine,
To conceive and bring to birth,
The little Babe divine.
In my heart this Advent,
Help me prepare a place,
Fragrant with your presence,
Sweet Mama full of grace.

Myra D'Souza/22.12.2009

Thursday, December 17, 2009

PRODIGAL LOVE Luke 15:11-32

It was a glorious morning,
On a bright, clear, sunny day,
When Jesus told this parable,
Here’s what He had to say.

“There was a man who had two sons,
The younger of them said,
“I want my share of all that will
Be mine when you are dead.”
The saddened father looked at him
And shook his graying head,
He knew so well his foolish boy,
His heart was filled with dread.

When he had received his portion
Of the property,
He left without a backward glance
His home and family.
Making friends with sinners,
In a country far from home,
Squandering his wealth
Until he found himself alone.

Desperate he looked for work
When famine struck that land,
He was sent to feed the pigs,
As a hired hand.
Soon wisdom dawned upon him,
His sinfulness he rued,
He resolved to go back home,
To work in servitude.

The father from a distance
Recognized his son
Heart brimming with compassion
He began to run.
“Forgive me Father, I have sinned,
I’ve given ample proof,
That I am quite unworthy
To live beneath your roof.”

The father interrupted
His son’s apology,
Calling for a robe and ring,
And sandals for his feet.
“Rejoice with me let’s celebrate,”
The joyful father said,
“My son is home with me at last,
This boy I feared was dead.”

Too often in the past I too
Have wallowed deep in sin
Silencing the voice of conscience
Speaking from within.
Conversion came through tragedy,
And heart rending loss,
Embraced by God the Father,
In the shadow of the cross.

Myra D’Souza / 17.12.2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Let’s build a bridge together,
That arches through the years,
Revisiting in memory,
Dreams we both held dear.
A time when we built castles,
As we walked in the rain,
Sketching dreams in vapor,
On life’s window pane.
Our fancies lived a moment,
The bubbles soon would burst,
Each would soon face heartache,
Each would experience hurt.
Can we bridge the distance?
Can a way be found,
To breach the years between us?
Can we find common ground?
A time that we remember,
Like it was yesterday,
Could link us to the present
If love could have its way.

Myra D’Souza/19th November 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Day has yet to blossom,
Night has yet to pale,
The sky has yet to put away,
Her star embroidered veil.
Dawn will keep its promise,
As it ushers a new day,
Responding to Your call I come,
To watch with You and pray.

My Friend and my Beloved,
How sweet it is to be,
With God who deigns to make Himself
Accessible to me.
On fire with the Spirit,
Love overwhelms my soul,
God Almighty reaches out,
To heal and make me whole.

In reverential silence,
I worship You in awe,
Wonderstruck that I am loved
By You despite my flaws.
Grant me grace dear Jesus,
Sufficient for today,
To take my cross and follow You,
Along the narrow way.

Myra D’Souza/16th November

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Today the tears spilled over,
As I began to pray,
I thought about my little girl,
Whose birthday is today.

God’s little baby blossom,
Her mission was to be,
The instrument that helped me,
Experience Calvary.

He walked me through the Scriptures,
He helped me find relief,
The Word of God consoled me
And helped to ease my grief.

After slight affliction,
Come blessings manifold,
In the furnace of His Love,
He purifies each soul.

In dying with the Savior,
We rise anew to life ,
Redeemed, my baby lives again,
Eternally in Christ.

Myra D’Souza / 10 November 2009

Wisdom 2:23--3:1, 5-6 & 9
God created man to be immortal in the likeness of His own nature...
The souls of the just are in the hands of God and no torment shall touch them. After slight affliction will come great blessings, for God has tried them and found them worthy to be with Him, after testing them as gold in the furnace, He has accepted them as a holocaust. Those who trust in Him will penetrate the truth, those who are faithful will live with Him in love, for His grace and mercy are for His chosen ones.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


I built a fence then shut the gate,
I sealed and barred the doors,
I checked each window yet again,
Then curled up on the floor.

I wanted neither neighbor,
Nor friend, nor family,
To share my pain and bitterness,
And offer sympathy.

My wounded pride I nurtured,
My hurting heart I nursed,
My stricken spirit cowered,
My life I thought was cursed.

Afraid to ask forgiveness,
Too ashamed to beg,
Too proud to say that I was wrong,
Too angry to forget.

I've lost the joy of childhood,
The promise of my youth,
They were all a fantasy,
A figment of the truth.

I've lost the dream of innocence,
I dreamed in early years,
The spring of those sweet visions,
Now dimmed by many tears.

I long to have a Savior,
I long to have redress,
I long for new beginnings,
I long for happiness.

I do not know the Father,
I know little of His Son,
How then can I ask pardon
For all the wrongs I've done?

They tell me if I would I could
Get on my knees and say,
"Lord Jesus, please forgive me,
Wash all my sins away."

Lack of faith and sin my Lord,
Have yielded endless grief,
In Your mercy and compassion,
Help my unbelief!

Myra D'Souza - 1st November 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The blazing fire of His love,
Engulfs the universe,
Every soul in love with God,
Is fuelled by its force.
The burning love of Jesus Christ,
Calls out to all who’ve sinned,
He will not snuff the tiny wick,
That flickers in the wind.

From His pierced and wounded heart,
Flow streams of living grace,
Repentant sinners find in Him,
A prodigal embrace.
Angels jubilate in song,
When one who sins and strays,
Repents and seeks forgiveness,
In the Name of Him who saves.

The unrepentant sinner,
Who sins without remorse,
Sinning with impunity,
Heedless of God’s laws,
Shudders in revulsion
From God whose Name is Love,
Made manifest by heaven,
In the symbol of a dove.

The penitent forgiven much,
Like Mary Magdalen,
Gladly picks the cross to follow
Christ Who vanquished sin.
Called to fight the enemy,
As a ransomed race,
Receiving through the sacraments,
The power of His grace.

Myra D’Souza / 27th October 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Once upon a time there was,
A chapel in the sand,
That stood with arms wide open,
To God’s faithful little band.
From very small beginnings,
Spanning fifty years,
She grew in grace and stature,
Through prayers and toil and tears.

Once upon a time she served,
In very humble ways,
Her years of service now repaid,
With plenitude of grace.
She ministers to every soul,
Who enters her to pray,
Her loyal and devoted priests,
Help many souls each day.

Once upon a time she bore,
The scars of passing years,
Her walls were worn and peeling,
Her rooms were small and drear.
Now she stands in splendor,
Her children richly blessed,
Today she is a Parish,
Saint Therese her Patroness.

The Bishop's aspirations,
The clergy's pastoral care,
The strength and inspiration,
Of their vision and their prayers,
Have built a firm foundation,
And the worship offered here,
Will be a lasting testament,
Enduring through the years.

Myra D’Souza / 19 October 2009

Monday, October 12, 2009


I belong to Jesus, and He belongs to me,
I belong to Jesus, the Christ who set me free.
I belong to Jesus, my Savior and my Lord,
I belong to Him who is, the only Son of God.

I am His and He is mine, Beloved of my soul,
I am His and He is mine, in Him I am made whole.
He tells me I am precious, and the wonder of it all,
Is that my God has loved me, long before the fall.

Love it was that sent the Son, since love alone could pay,
The price for the redemption, of this vessel made of clay.
Amazing love with arms outstretched, upon a cruel cross,
Bartering His life for mine, He bled and paid the cost.

On the scale of perfect love, this sinner's life was placed,
In the balance it was weighed, with His measureless grace,
He has made provision, for me to have a share,
In the Father’s Kingdom, I am made co-heir.

Myra D’Souza / 13 October ‘09

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Woman at the Well - John 4:4-42

Beneath the blazing noonday sun,
The road baked in the heat,
The woman felt as if live coals,
Burned through her sandaled feet.
Moving at a hurried pace,
She walked up to the well,
To fill her jar with water,
Poor jaded city belle.

The place was in Samaria,
The city was Sychar,
Where she encountered Jesus,
A Jew who said to her,
“Give me a drink of water.”She looked askance and said,
“Jews do not ask Samaritans
To share their drink or bread.”

“Come drink the living water,
Flowing out from me.”
“You possess no bucket Sir,
And this well is deep.”
“This water cannot satisfy,
New thirsts tomorrow brings,
The water of eternal life,
Wells into gushing springs.”
“Sir, let me have this water,
So I won’t thirst again,
Never will I have to face,
Disgrace and guilt and pain.”
“Go home and call your husband,
Then come back to me.”
“I do not have a spouse,
” she said,
“You are right,” said He.

“You have had five husbands,
And the man who lives with you,
Has not wed you in marriage,
So what you’ve said is true.”
She changed the subject saying,
"Tell me prophet,
why Jews say,
That only in Jerusalem,
Can people go to pray?

We from Samaria,
Have always worshipped here,
This mountain is the place,
That our ancestors held most dear.”

“The hour has come upon us,
When true worship will be seen,
Not on this mountain nor indeed,
In Jerusalem.
You worship what you do not know,
We worship what is true,
For salvation comes to all,
Only from the Jews.”

I know that the Messiah,
The Christ will brings us peace,
He will heal the broken hearted,
Captives will see release.”
“I am He,” said Jesus,
And faith began to stir,
Just then His followers returned,
Tightlipped they glanced at her.

The woman left her water-jar,
There beside the well,
And ran into the city
The people there to tell,
About the Man whom she had met,
Who told her all she' done,
“Come and see,” she urged the men,
“Meet the Anointed One.”
They heard her and responded,
They hurried on their way,
To meet the Lord who long had planned,
To save them on that day.
“You must be hungry Rabbi,
the disciples begged.
“I’ve had food to eat that you,
Know nothing of,”
He said..

“The field is ripe and ready,
Harvest time is near,
The reaper has received his wage,
Eternal life is here.
The laborers who sow and reap,
Together can rejoice,
In harvesting the merit gained,
Through the saving cross.”

Many from Samaria,
Believed in Him at first,
Because the woman testified,
How He had slaked her thirst.
But once they all met Jesus,
And having heard the Word,
They proclaimed that He was truly,
Savior of the World.

Like the woman at the well,
He knows all you have done,
He nailed your sins upon the cross,
The victory is won.

Myra D’Souza/8th October 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009


The time has come I must let go,
Your fingers grip my hand,
As one by one I set them free,
Pain locks in iron bands.

The day long seen in coming,
In course of time arrives,
I prayed I may have courage,
When the time came for goodbyes.

Go forth my precious darling,
Its time to let you go,
Make us proud as you begin,
To flourish, bloom and grow.

As you go into the future,
And make your place on earth,
Know that you have been our joy
From the moment of your birth.

We watched and we protected,
With tender loving care,
We now give you our blessing,
As we send you with our prayers.

Be not intimidated,
Refuse to compromise,
Let faith and perseverance,
Be your ever present guides.

Our every thought a blessing,
Our every prayer a plea,
That you stay firmly rooted,
In the Holy Trinity.

Myra D’Souza / 10/09/09

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Breathe on me O Breath of Life,
Rid my soul of sin and strife,
Over dying embers blow,
So peace and joy anew may flow.
Make my heart Your dwelling place,
Imbue my spirit with Your grace,
Animate my soul to sing,
Songs of praise to God my King.
In You alone my honored Guest,
My soul can find its perfect rest,
Let me stay at Calvary,
Share Your anguish Lord with me.
May the water from Your side,
Bathe me in its cleansing tide,
With Your help I pledge each day,
To walk the straight and narrow way.
Then at last at journey’s end,
Come take me home my dearest Friend.

Myra D’Souza / 11 August 2009

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

TOSSING IN THE WIND - Jesus Asleep in the Boat

The dark clouds look forbidding,
As they fill a sullen sky,
The keening winds are wailing,
The waves are riding high.

The angry sea is frothing,
Tossing up my boat,
I’m hunkered down and wondering,
How long I’ll stay afloat.
I clench my knuckles grimly,
Head pressing on my knees,
My heart is pounding in my chest,
The rain begins to freeze.
I hear the sound of breathing,
I thought I was alone,
Crawling down the galley,
Cold, sore, wet to the bone.
I find the Master sleeping.,
His hand under His head,
Lying on a pillow,
His cloak around Him spread.
I smile and drawing closer,
I snuggle at His feet,
And though the storm is raging,
I too fall asleep.
In a dazzling flash of lightening,
I am suddenly aware,
That despite the raging storms,
God is always there.

Myra D’Souza/4th August 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009


You stir my soul each morning,
You fill me with Your grace,
You touch me with Your Spirit,
I am Your dwelling place.

I sit with You in silence,
Your Presence fills my soul,
I confess my sins and You,
Forgive and make me whole.
Your sacred Word inspires,
Assisting me to pray,
Your Holy Spirit leads me,
In worship and in praise.

I then make intercession,
For all my friends in need,
And stooping low You listen,
As I plead and intercede.
Filled with every blessing,
Strong and unafraid,
I go to fight life’s battles
Well armed because I prayed.

Myra D’Souza / 3rd August 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Sinner John 8:3-11

While His enemies were plotting,
And scheming for His life,
Our Lord went out to Olivet,
To pray all through the night.

Returning to the temple,
After a night of prayer,
He found a group of people,
Already gathered there.

Sitting down among them,
He began to speak,
Of sacred truths that until then,
Were veiled in mystery.

Suddenly there was discord,
Disquiet filled the air,
The Scribes and Pharisees had dragged,
A woman to the square.

Her hair was tossed and tangled,
Her cheeks glistened with tears,
Her ashen face looked wretched,
Her eyes were wide in fear.

‘Sir’, they said with malice,
‘This woman that you see,
We caught her in the very act,
Of adultery.

By the law of Moses,
This woman stands accused,
To death by stoning as decreed,
Now Master, what say You?’

The evil mask of Satan,
Was stripped and stood unbound,
Bending down Christ wrote their sins,
On the dusty ground.

To end their questioning He said,
With patience wearing thin,
‘The first to cast a stone will be,
The one who has no sin.’

Their sins once cloaked in darkness,
Were brought into the light,
Beginning with the elders,
They shuffled out of sight.

She gazed at Him in wonder,
As He straightened up and said,
‘Where are your accusers?
Have none condemned you yet?’

‘No one Sir,’ she whispered,
‘I stand with You alone,’
‘Nor do I condemn you,
Go and sin no more.’

She felt a rush of gladness,
Peace overflowed her soul,
Life took on new meaning,
Once Jesus made her whole.

Myra D’Souza/27.7.2009


In this present moment Lord I praise You,
Timeless, holy, living, saving Word,
You reveal the Face of God the Father,
In You His Son, the Father’s voice is heard.

I am Your sheep and You are my Good Shepherd
Leading, guiding, showing me the way,
When the narrow road is hard to follow,
Grant that I may never go astray.

I lean on You when I am weak and weary,
Lord and Master, Author of my plans,
All my hopes I rest on Your strong shoulders,
In You I place my faith and confidence.

Love beckons me and strips away the curtain,
Safe, secure and tranquil is my soul,
Before the Presence in the Sanctuary,
Of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

My God, my Rock, my Strength, my Steady Anchor,
Unchanging is Your Word yet ever new,
My life is built on You my firm foundation,
In rain and storm my Lord I’m safe with You.

Myra D’Souza/26.7.09

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I wish I could stand on the rooftop and sing,
Aloud of the love of my Savior and King,
He gives me His Spirit who helps me to pray,
And gently rebukes me when I go astray.

Just like His friends on the road to Emmaus,
He touches my soul and my spirit is roused,
I feast at the table that Jesus has spread,
And recognize God at the breaking of Bread.

He speaks through the pages of His Holy Word,
My soul must be still so He can be heard,
He purchased a Kingdom for me at great price,
My life Jesus ransomed through His sacrifice.

They scourged His dear body, His blood was all spent,
The flesh of my Savior was cruelly rent,
They flailed Him and nailed Him aloft on a tree,
My life He redeemed on Calvary.

The blood and the water that flowed from His side,
Preserves and sustains the Church His dear bride,
The Father, the Son and the Spirit unite
To graft me into the Body of Christ.

Myra D’Souza / 4th June 2009


In the silence of my spirit,
My soul to You I raise,
Prostrate before Your Majesty,
My heart sings hymns of praise.
My inner being sweetly rests,
In pastures fresh and green,
My spirit’s thirst is satisfied,
In waters cool and clean.
The Lord is my good Shepherd,
No evil shall come near,
I know my God walks with me,
His staff strikes down my fears.
I sup at His own table,
I feast on Bread and Wine,
His mercy, love and goodness,
Thru’ all my days are mine.

Myra D’souza / 4th June 2009

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I’m walking on sunshine,
I’m tripping on air,
I met my Beloved,
This morning in prayer.
We’d made an appointment,
I woke up at three,
But to my surprise,
Found Him waiting for me.
I ran to my Savior,
And sat at His feet,
Wrapped in a silence,
Hallowed and sweet.
I praised Him in song,
That flowed without script,
The words effortlessly,
Spilled from my lips.
I wept a little,
And told Him my fears,
He leaned down and gently said,
“Hush, no more tears.
As long as You live
I’ll be here by your side
And promise always,
In your heart to reside.”

Myra D’Souza – 3.6.2009


He calls me His beloved,
His light glows on my face,
His Spirit is alive in me,
He fills my heart with grace.
I walk with faith uplifted.
In sweet serenity,
My heart belongs to Jesus,
Who gave His life for me.

He conferred on me a priesthood,
I’m confirmed and set apart,
To live the Holy Gospel,
With a steadfast, faithful heart.
He leads me out of darkness,
To dwell in His pure light,
I’m anchored to the Rock,
Who is my Comforter and Guide.

I need never be afraid,
With Jesus at my side,
The Spirit of the Living God,
In me vows to abide.
I can depend on Christ my Lord,
No matter what the hour,
Calling on His Name I claim,
Infinite grace and power.

Myra D’souza /3rd June 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

THE JOY OF GOD Psalm 30:11

The Lord has turned my mourning into dancing,
The Lord has turned my sorrow into joy,
The Lord has turned my moaning into laughter,
And every anxious doubt He has destroyed

Each time I call on Him my Jesus answers,
When I’m contrite He heals my wounded soul,
The burden of my sins my Lord has vanquished,
Now hope and peace and joy are in control.

The Breath of God blows gently o’er my being,
A Wind that moves my spirit to adore,
Bowing low in worship I implore Him,
To grant that I may love Him ever more.

Through grace He makes my heart a living temple,
Where the Triune Godhead can abide,
I’m free to be whatever God commands me,
As long as Jesus Christ in me resides.

Myra D’Souza / 1st June 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009

TRUST ME - John 14 : 1-6

Be not anxious or distressed,
When trials come your way,
Trust in God and trust in Me,
Believe in all I say.

Remember in my Father’s house,
Are many splendid rooms,
I go ahead for I intend,
To make a place for you.

Remember all I taught you,
Live the Gospel faithfully,
I will return to take you home,
And have you reign with Me.

Take the narrow highway,
Though filled with pain and strife,
At journey’s end I promise friend,
That you will have new life

Myra D’souza/5.5.99

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


With God in our midst,
We have nothing to fear,
For Jesus has promised,
To stay ever near.
When Father and Son,
Of our life has control,
The breath of the Spirit,
Empowers our soul.

The seas may be stormy,
And storm-tossed the boat,
But Jesus has promised,
He’ll keep us afloat.
Through buffeting winds,
And harrowing gales,
Our Savior has triumphed,
God always prevails.

Too often in life we find,
Hope has grown dim,
Doubts loom in the darkness,
The future looks grim.
And when loss seems certain
With no help in sight
The Light of His Spirit,
Illumines the night.

Faith once again blossoms,
While hope in the heart,
Revives as Love conquers,
And all fears depart.
He makes us His temple,
And fills us with grace,
A place where the Word,
And the Spirit embrace

Myra D’Souza – 26.05.09

Thursday, May 21, 2009


The road was hot and dusty,
They jostled her around,
She inched her way towards Him,
Almost crawling on the ground.

Her face was pale and sickly,
Her eyes were burning bright,
She’d heard the Master’s message,
His words brought hope and light.

She strained to touch the Savior
Under cover, as He spoke,
She knew she would be healed if only,
She could touch His cloak.

Twelve long years she’d suffered,,
Losing all her wealth,
The doctors could do nothing,
To bring her back to health.

She knew they called Him Master,
Teacher, Healer, Son of God,
With expectant faith and hope,
She came to meet the Lord.

There was a rush of feeling,
She felt infused with grace,
Instantly she felt released,
From death’s dark embrace.

“Who touched Me? I sensed power,
Going out from Me,”
She fell before the Master
And confessed her history.

“Your faith,” He said, “my daughter,
Has healed you, go in peace,”
In the Sacrament of Penance
We attain the same release.

Myra D’Souza / 20.05.2009


It’s Grace that says, “Wake up it’s dawn,” each morning
It’s Grace that whispers gently, “It is time,”
It’s Grace that urges softly, “Do not tarry,”
And Grace alone enables us comply.

From His Spirit grace is overflowing,
Sinful lives are changed by grace divine,
Willing souls by grace are made more holy,
Making Christ our all is His design.

Grace works best in simple, childlike people
Grace works best in people without guile,
Grace at work helps souls grow in perfection,
With every soul Grace walks that extra mile.

Grace, sweet grace is modeled to perfection,
Through each age in history and race,
In our Mother who was greeted by the Angel,
Hailing her as ‘Mary, full of grace.”

Myra D’Souza – 20/5/2009

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


You gazed in painful silence,
As He gasped in agony,
Saying to you, “Woman,
Here’s your new family.

My sacrifice repaid the debt,
Now every child is free,
Adopted by My Father,
They are grafted into Me.

As at Cana when you find,
That they’ve run short of wine
Bring then these sons and daughters
To me, O mother mine

Keep them my dearest mother,
Under your mantle blue,
These precious little ones of mine,
I entrust to you."

Myra D’Souza / 17.5.09

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I come to You each morning,
You fill me with Your grace,
You touch me with Your Spirit,
I am Your dwelling place.

I sit with You in silence,
Your Presence fills my soul,
I ask forgiveness for my sins,
And once again I’m whole.

You listen to my sorrows,
You wipe away my tears,
You talk to me and comfort me,
You chase away my fears.

My God, You are Emmanuel,
And I will never be,
Alone or lonely for Your Word,
Deigns to reign in me.

Myra D’Souza/12/5/09

Thursday, May 7, 2009


The way is dark,
The night is long,
I stumble with my cross,
No hope is left,
I am bereft,
Fear shrouds my heavy heart.

I search for inner strength
To cope,
With my anxiety,
But finding only doubt
My human frailty.

Blow on heavy blow
Is rained,
Each leaves behind a scar
As cruel, foolish,
Little men,
Wield their puny power.

Though long the road
And narrow,
And weary is my soul,
I know my Jesus walks with me,
I know,
I’m not alone.

Myra D’Souza / 7.5.09

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Come walk with Me,
Come talk with Me,
Come rest in Me,
Come stay by Me,
Come visit Me,
Keep  company,
With Me my child.

Come take my hand,
And sit beside Me,
We will feast,
On bread and wine.
The bread you eat,
Is my own Body,
The Wine you drink,
Poured from my side.

You’ll find My Word,
Sweeter than honey,
And the manna,
I provide.
Is made from wheat,
Ground to its finest,
In the mill,
Of sacrifice.

Myra D’Souza / 5May 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mother Mary

Teach me Mother Mary.
How to still my soul,
To magnify my Holy God.
The God who makes me whole.
Father, Son and Spirit,
Were always at your side,
O teach me dearest Mother,
As you would teach a child.

Myra D'souza / 23.4.09

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our Eternal King

 Alleluia! Christ the King!
Hosannas to You Lord I sing,
Prostrate before You I adore,
Priest, Prophet, King my soul’s allure.

While the storm around me raged
I said, my God come to my aid
Unworthy though I knew I was
I cried to You like Bartimaeus

You answered me each time I called,
You said,  "You’re mine and I’m Your God."
You held me in Your warm embrace,
My soul You filled with wondrous grace,

Your Word refreshed my soul like dew,
Your faithful love my hope renewed,
How best express this joy of mine?
My life is Yours my King divine

Myra D’souza / 24.06.2008

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Was born in Mumbai.  Studied in St. Michael's Convent in Karwar.  Went to Wadia College in Pune. Did a Secretarial course in Mumbai at Nirmala Niketan and at Burnleys Institute. Came to Kuwait at 21 years of age, and still  here.  Married with 3 wonderful children a girl and two boys and a great husband.