Saturday, April 14, 2018


Embraced in morning glory,
Wrapped in lambent light,
The warmth a radiant blessing,
Imbuing with delight.

Dawn rouses up the heavens,
Night must haste away,
It’s time for Lauds, the birds awake.
To worship and to pray.

The sun in all its majesty,
Aflame in crimson bold,
Lightly touches every cloud,
They glow in amber gold.

Flowers in field and garden,
Shimmering with dew,
Lift sleepy little faces,
To praise their Lord anew.

He lavishes His treasures,
And everyone is free,
No earthly prince can hope to match,
The gifts God pours on me.

Myra D’Souza / 14 April 2018

Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Like the velvet warmth of sunshine,
Like the cool of April showers,
Like the soft pearl rose of dawning,
Like a field of laughing flowers.

Like the fiery gold of sunset,
Like a jasmine fragrant May,
Like a choir’s song at matins,
Like the evening breeze at play.

Like the happy laugh of children,
Like the smile of sleeping babes,
Like the moon gleam on the river,
Like the wine from sun-kissed grapes.

Like the gossamer of rainbows,
Like a caress upon the cheek,
All these are but a glimmer of,
God our Father’s love for me.

Myra D’Souza/3rd April 2018

Heaven’s Gain

How hard it is,
To deny the sigh,
Trying not to cry,
As we relive,
The memory of you.

Our loss,
Is heaven’s gain.

Every teardrop,
Flowing quietly,
Must surely fall,
Upon your cheek.

Yet all’s not lost,
In a spellbound
You are near,

We see the smile
In dimpled cheek,
We hear the laugh
We loved so well,
The voice,
The puckish wit.

You live on,
In the children
That you bore.
Beloved sister mine,
Whom we did love
So tenderly.

Lost in time,
But never lost to us,
Sweet sister mine,
In eternity.

-Myra D’Souza/April 03, 2018


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